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carpet cleaning services in dubai

Do you trust your carpet when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness of your home? Are you living a healthy life or catch fever, develop allergies and other skin related problems often? Before we go deep down into this discussion, tell how often do you clean or shampoo your carpet? Your carpet cleaning habits can have direct impact on your health and wellbeing because a carpet can be hiding millions of health related issues within its fabrics. The timely shampooing of your carpet can save you from so many health risks and if you can’t do it yourself, you can always go for Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai. Read on and discover what kinds of problems you can experience if continue using a dirty carpet.


A dirty carpet can prove catastrophic to your serene and hygiene lifestyle. If you fail to clean your carpets and rugs in timely manner, they start developing different problems that can directly impact on your health and lead to a serious situation. We’ve underlined few major and sever conditions that you can develop by using a dirty carpet within the premise:

  • According to studies, a dirty carpet can be a house of millions of illnesses including asthma attacks, runny noses and coughing. These situations occur due to inhaling of unclean air that contains elements like dirt, pet hair and dead skin cells from our own body.
  • A dirty carpet can create and increase the respiratory problems in humans in which the asthma tops the list. When you put off the cleaning of your carpet for weeks, it starts hosting different dirty elements that sometimes a bare eye misses to see and this situation leads to above mentioned problems.
  • Are you aware of mycotoxins and neurotoxicity that is connected to breathing issue and cancer problems? One of the problems that a dirty carpet is likely to create for you is to promote these elements within the premise that create problems for you.
  • A dirty carpet can also be a source of providing hiding place to various types of bacteria harmful to our skin. If you let these bacteria dwell within the carpet, you may develop problems like redness, swelling and itching issues. A very serious problem that a dirty carpet creates is the athlete’s foot in which the microbes can travel from one skin to another using your dirty carpet.
  • If we go deep into analyzing the kind of problems a dirty carpet creates for you, we find that you can also develop allergies if continue using an unclean carpet within the premise. These allergies include sneezing, itching and malaise that are caused by the element of fungi present in your dirty carpet.


The carpet cleaning services in Dubai ensure that you remain safe from above mentioned issues that are created by a dirty carpet. The process is safe, affordable and accessible to almost anyone that is in search of carpet cleaning services in Dubai. Usually the carpet cleaning involves 3 steps to complete the procedure and ensure total cleanliness of your carpet.

Shampooing – In the first stage, the carpet is shampooed by using a specialized spray to cover every inch of the carpet.

Scrubbing – the second stage involves the scrubbing of the carpet using a broom or any edgy brush to kick out visible residue or dust marks.

Vacuuming – In the 3rd (that is also the last stage) of carpet cleaning, the cleaner would vacuum the carpet thoroughly to dry the carpet and hand it over back to you.

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