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ant control services in dubai

Ants are often associated to hard work, dedication and a very organized creature in the universe. But here are some negative traits of ants that we rarely notice until it is too late and they are all over the place (and sometimes on our body). If you disassociate the positive characteristics of ants, we find some serious problems that require our timely action and proper treatment reduce the ant infestation within a premise. We’ve jotted down some useful points to help you identify the problems an ant can cause at your premise with its solution. Read on and discover if you need ant control services in Dubai or not.




In pest control world, the ants are known as the notorious creature that creates hindrance in maintaining hygiene level within a household. Find out how they disrupt the cleanliness and peaceful environment within your house:

  • Almost all types of ants are known for contaminating the food. Recall the events when you found a chain of ants marching at a specific direction. Kitchen area, bathroom and bins are the goldmines for ants to hunt for food and this is how they exchange the germs from one place to another with their frequent entries and exits.
  • Ants do not limit themselves to contamination but some also go beyond in harming us. In the list of deadliest ants, carpenter ants and fire ants are known for committing such hurtful acts like biting and stinging our skin and the surfaces.
  • In another observation, researchers have found that the ants can reside permanently near the food sources by creating small colonies. If you find ant colonies within your apartment then you are under direct threat of food contamination and stinging issues.
  • Ants are very caring creature as they leave behind an invisible mark of chemical so the fellow ants can learn about the food source and follow them.




The main aim of ants is to collect food for cold season and they use the scent to track it down. Due to tiniest size and quick moving speed, the ants can enter the premise in unexpected ways. Here are some for your help:

Any cracks and crevices can be a strong source of their entrance and exit within a premise. You may cover these tiny holes to stop their way and keep your house safe from the ant intrusion.

  • Ants can also be seen marching in open but in a very symmetric manner for collecting the food. You may have seen ants forming rows and they stick to it for traveling from one place to another.
  • Once they find way into your house and find easily accessible food source, they would form colonies within the premise. These colonies may contain nearly 300,000 to 500,000 ants at a time that is a matter of concern for you.




There are too many approaches to eliminate the ant infestation but the effective ones take time and patience. The traditional tactics like the use of lemon juice or baking soda work but they have a limitation when it comes to remove the hundreds of thousands of ants living into your premise in shape of colonies. When trust our ant control services in Dubai, we first evaluate the condition of your premise and prepare a plan to remove ants from your place with clean results. Our process is divided into 3 stages to ensure that no ant would turn to your premise again for a long time.

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