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floor cleaning services in dubai

You have cleaned the windows, dusted the tables, replaced the bed sheet and now it’s time to clean the floor, right? The floor cleaning should be done in the end as the dust falls on the floor and it requires to be swept away properly to make home sparkle. As there are DIY tips for floor cleaning and readymade chemicals are also available in the market, it is difficult to choose the way for making the floor shine so individuals prefer to get the floor cleaning services Dubai. Here are some amazing floor cleaning tips you can try and they will get the former glory of floor back.


  • Grout cleaning with water and bleach:


The combination of water and bleach is perfect for grout cleaning; the best thing about this method is it doesn’t require much effort. Mixing bleach with equal amount of water works well, a person just needs to scrub the mixture with a toothbrush and leave it for an hour. Cleaning it with a damp cloth gives great results.


  • Fresh stain cleaning with salt and soda water :


floor cleaning


Soda water is better than chemicals for stain cleaning, it works well alone and salt helps if the stain remains on the floor. This method of getting rid of the floor stains is helpful for the fresh liquid stains like coffee and there is nothing much that needs to be done other than cleaning the liquid with a towel and then cleaning the area with a towel soaked in soda water. If the stain is still on the floor, then putting salt on it and leaving for almost 15 minutes removes it properly. The salt requires to be vacuumed away to leave the floor sparkle and getting the floor cleaning services Dubai is a good idea if the stain is dry as the cleaning companies send high-quality cleaning products that helps in removing every type of stain on floor.


  • Wood floor cleaning with brewed tea:




It is not doubt, the wood floor turns dull after sometime and lose its shine. But using brewed tea for getting the shine back is a great buy xanax powder solution, dipping a Microfiber cloth in the tea and cleaning the floor with it turns the dull wooden floor sparkle.


  • Cork floor cleaning with vinegar:


Cork floor enhances the look of the home and makes it eye-catching, it is not difficult to clean a cork floor as it just requires vinegar and dish soap. Taking quarter cup of vinegar and a few drops of dish soap are enough to clean the floor, a soft mop is required to clean the floor and then a microfiber cloth for the final cleaning that wipes away the mixture of vinegar and soap. The combination works great as a floor cleaner that can be prepared at home and make the floor look as it is new.

Floor cleaning tips:


  • Using a vacuum or broom to clean the floor on a daily basis helps in preventing the debris to accumulate in the grout. The tiles are not hard to clean, but time is required for the cleaning when garbage gets stuck in the grout. If a person can’t spare time for grout cleaning, the floor cleaning services Dubai is the perfect choice to get the floor clean.
  • A person should change the water several times while mopping the floor because the water full of dust leaves the floor look hazy.
  • Avoid using the sponge mop for the floor cleaning because the water full of dirt starts accumulating in the grout.
  • If a person is using dish soap to clean the floor, then cleaning it with simple water twice is necessary or it will leave the residue and the floor will not appear shiny.

Cleaning the floor properly after a couple of months is necessary if a person wants to keep the home attractive otherwise the dull floor ruins the look no matter how well a homeowner has decorated it. If the floor is not cleaned for too long and an individual is finding it difficult to remove the stubborn stains, the floor cleaning services Dubai are easy to book and get the shiny floor.

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