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Did you know that your life is at risk in presence of fleas within your facility? But we are here to remove the fleas and help you enjoy the hygienic lifestyle by securing your life and the people (and pets) around you. If you don’t want the fleas to suck your blood anymore then fill up the form below and let us know when you want our flea control services. Or you may speak with our customer reps on 0800 25326464 and schedule a session for flea control services now.


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    Why get flea control services?

    The fleas usually don’t fly around but crawl around you place to contaminate the place wherever they go. They are small in size and continuously find a living object to suck up the flood from their body. Fleas can impact on the life of occupants and the pets are no exception under their attack.

    They remain within the place without even your knowing and create different cleaning and health issues that impact on your productivity and focus. Beddings, curtains, furniture and carpets are their favorite hotspot to reside in a residential premise.

    Tables, chairs and cupboards are the main areas where they find sanctuary in a commercial premise and contaminate everything with their presence. However the list of flea problems is endless but we’ve mentioned some key diseases that they bring with them.

    • Tungiasis
    • Typhus
    • Yersinia pestis
    • Rickettsiosis
    • Murine typhus
    • Pullicosis

    What’s in the flea control services?

    We work with specialized tools and industry approved products to free up your space from the infestation of fleas. Our pest control engineers are trained to cover every corner of your premise to locate the fleas and ensure that the rate of their existence is 0% percent once they are done performing the flea control services.

    We work with a measured and tested system to locate, remove and free up your facility from the attack of fleas so you, people around you and the pets can live in peace without worrying about the risks.

    Our flea control services include all possible measures to minimize the risks and increase the satisfaction level that you expect from a qualified flea control service provider. Here are some of the key elements of our flea control service:

    • Evaluating the situation
    • Spraying pesticides
    • Vacuuming furniture
    • Finalizing the task

    Fill up the form, let us know when you want us to visit your premise for flea control services and we’ll be right on our way to remove the flea infestation. Or you may call us on 0800 25326464 to book the flea control service right away.

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