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AC maintenance services in dubai

As the days are heating up with increasing temperature, the AC unit becomes our favorite item within a premise to fight back the humidity and heating issues. Imagine your AC suddenly stops working and leave you all alone to bear the hot temperature then what would you do? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to experience such frightening situation so we thought to help you understand the pro ways to keep your AC working for a longer period of time. Follow these steps from our experience of AC maintenance services in Dubai and never find yourself in such exasperating situation again.


  • Usually, there are two parts of your AC units in which the first one is indoor and the other one is outdoor AC unit. The first thing to do is to take safety precautions by switching off the AC unit both from inside breaker box and when examining the outer unit.


  • Next, you need to start removing debris that has contaminated the surface and the section that delivers you the fresh air. Don’t get a wrong expression by cleaning the visible surface only. You need to remove the cover and clean the dust particles that have entered the unit from those big holes in the grill.


  • In an AC unit, the fins play a very important role and if they are not taken care properly then you might need to call AC maintenance services in Dubai often. You may vacuum the fins to suck up the air in the vacuum machine and later use a cleansing spray to complete the fin cleaning procedure.


  • One thing that you shouldn’t overlook when cleaning the AC unit is that it deals with heating and cooling. This ultimately impacts on the parts that are made of different materials and especially fins that are thin and react to heat faster. So when cleaning and maintaining your AC unit, try to straighten the fins so they can work properly and provide you the desired results.


  • The outer unit consumes the fresh air from its surroundings. Now if the surrounding is condensed with contaminated elements or items like scraps, leaves or paper rolls then we can’t expect a clean air and smooth working condition of our AC unit. Try keeping the surrounding of outer AC unit clean.


  • The next step that you need to take is to level up the outer unit. See…with the passage of time it sometimes presses down the pad on which it sits and can tilt either left or to the right side. If it’s not positioned rightly, it may cause to hinder the smooth workflow of the compressor.


  • Now comes the part when you’ll be cleaning evaporator drain and coils to complete the AC cleaning checklist. You may use a cleaning spray to deal with their cleanliness and eliminate the dirt particles and a piece of cloth for removing the dirt on visible parts where your hand can reach easily. Following these cleaning and maintenance steps can help you extend the life of your air conditioning system and you’ll get to save money on the expenses that would occur on AC maintenance services in Dubai.


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