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bed bugs treatment

Small in size and mischievous in nature, bed bugs become a nightmare when they are abundant in number. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them, they find a way to sneak into your apartment and make your life uncomfortable with their itching bites. The problem is that they are a little tricky to get noticed with the bare eyes unlike other pests and this is where your challenges increase. We thought to give you some clues to identify bed bugs in your apartment to make the right call if you need Bed Bugs Treatment in Dubai or not. So here are some useful tips to locate these teeny tiny creatures that live on our blood.


Bed Bugs Hide In


CREVICES – Bed bugs can easily fit themselves in the cracks and crevices of the walls and this becomes a challenge for you to spot them let alone capturing. They would usually remain there until the night when you put your lights off and go to sleep.

MATTRESS SEAMS – Baby bed bugs can even hide themselves in the seam of your mattress and you’d have no idea about their existence. This makes cleaning of your mattress essential every 2-3 weeks otherwise the problem may increase if they multiply their strength. When seeking bed bugs treatment in Dubai, don’t forget to ask the team to inspect your mattress as well.

CARPETS AND UNDERLAY – Mattress and cracks are not their only hiding spot as they can fit themselves in almost anywhere, even in the rugs and carpets. Usually, the rugs and carpets have a furry surface that entices them to make their new home. As stated earlier, they can multiply with a rapid speed and contaminate your carpets and rugs along with sucking blood out of your body.

WARDROBES – You change clothes on routine basis but do you get time to clean the cupboard or anywhere you keep the dresses? It is essential to clean these items as bed bugs find dark places very soothing and they might be living into them along with your dresses. This is why examining wardrobes is essential when utilizing bed bugs treatment in Dubai.

BEDSIDE CABINETS – Our bedside drawers keep most of our essential items but they might be holding more than them. As stated earlier that bed bugs find dark and cozy places very attractive and make them their sanctuary so there’s very strong possibility that they are hiding within your bedside cabinets. When you get bed bugs treatment in Dubai for your apartment, this item is on the list of the pest control team to eliminate the problem from its root.




Like every pest, bed bugs leave behind the signs of their existence to let you know that you need bed bug treatment in Dubai now. So here are some key signs to look for when you’re on a hunt to find bed bugs in your apartment.

DARK STAIN MARKS – A problem with bed bugs is that they are not as civilized as we expect them to be. To put it straight! They leave behind wastes in shape of small black marks that you wouldn’t want to touch, taste or smell at any cost. Look around and see for these small marks that might look like dust particles but have a strange smell and if you could find them, you need bed bug treatment services in Dubai ASAP.

UNPLEASANT SMELL – As stated above, bed bugs leave behind their waste that is very smelly (for obvious reasons). But even if they behave properly and don’t create mess, they still leave a very strong odor behind wherever they live (or when leave the place). And it is another sign that you need bed bug treatment in Dubai.

BLOOD SPOTS – Bed bugs live on our blood and suck it up whenever they get a chance to come near us. Sometimes, when they rust to hide again at their ultrafast speed they leave behind blood drops on the surface. Have you ever come across any drops that left you startled due to their unexpected appearance? It might be from these bed bugs that are occupying your apartment without your permission.

SHED SKIN – Another way that bed bugs use to make their selves prominent is to leave behind their skin. Like snakes, they leave behind some part of their excessive skin. And if you’re dealing with a bit lazy adults, you may get to see them with your own eyes.

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pest control services in dubai

Suppose, you’re given two places to live in! The first one is contaminated and infested with variable types of pests and the second one is absolutely free from any kind of infestation. What would you select for your residency? I’m sure that your vote would be with the secondary premise that has no pest related issues. This was an imaginary situation but you don’t have to wait for any such offer if you’re already dealing with the pest infestation. The time is now when you should take action and benefit from pest control services in Dubai to make your premise livable and hygienic. No idea if you need Pest Control Services in Dubai or not? Read on and discover the worst situations when you need professionals by your side.


Poor Wooden Fixture


.Sometimes little creatures can prove catastrophic for our routine life and termites are one of these creatures. They might look small but remain together and that’s their biggest strength that weakens our wood based items. Can you spot the traces of termites in your apartment as if you do then it is time that you call pest control services in Dubai to put a stop on termites. Identifying termites is not very difficult as you just have to spot some dust lines that look like the wrinkles on the surface. Look for these line patterns on the wood based items and you can easily conclude if the place is contaminated or not. The existence of termites simply suggests that your wood based furniture is under a serious threat.


Contaminated Kitchen Area


pest control


One very common problem that every other household deals with is the rodent infestation that poses a serious threat to your healthy life. Rodents are usually shy creatures and never make an appearance in front of us (the human beings). But they do leave some clues behind to let you know that they EXIST. Do you find small food items that appear to be tasted by a toddler even when you have no children in your house? These are not done by your infants or toddler or children of any age but the rodents. If you could spot these signs then it simply suggests that your kitchen area is contaminated by the rodents and you’re not the only person in charge. Call in the pest control services in Dubai and get rid of this issue the smart way because you wouldn’t want to share your food with them, would you?


Itchy Rest Time


A very frequent complaint that we get to hear from our friends (and sometimes from family members) is an itchy situation during the sleep or even when you’re awaken. The reason is not that you’ve developed an allergy but you missed to prevent bedbug infestation in your premise. Small in appearance, bedbugs are very swift in speed and have no color skin until they suck our bloody that turns them into a red living being. Their thirst leads them to bit us and ruin our pleasant time. And the worst part is you don’t get to catch them due to their ultra fast speed. If you feel their presence (by itching, not to mention) then simply avail pest control services in Dubai that have a working solution to prevent their growth any further.


Gross Bathing Area


dubai pest control


Have you ever noticed what’s that reddish mark fixed on your bathroom’s tiles? Is it blood or is it something else that is staining the surface? Or maybe it’s doing more than staining the floor because these marks are by the cockroaches that give you an abominable feeling when spotted. Recall and answer that how many times you have had the opportunity to meet a roach during the shower? Was it fun? I bet it wasn’t because no one likes to be disturbed when enjoying a refreshing bathing time. So stop meeting roaches from entering any of your apartment’s section let alone the bathroom area by using pest control services in Dubai.


Infested Surfaces


pest services dubai


No doubt that an ant can be attributed as the most hardworking creature in the universe due to their dedication to find food and continuous struggle to beat all odds. But these things sound good only in fairy tales as in real place the ants may become a reason of dissatisfaction for us. Are you dealing with the ant infestation issue at your premise? What have you done to stop them or is it that you have taken no precautions until now? Even if we don’t go deep into biological conversation but still the biggest issue with ants is that they bite and by biting I mean the bite that comes with an ‘ouch’. So decide yourself if you can bear these bites or you should call pest control services in Dubai to prevent the ant infestation in coming days.

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