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Clean home is a healthy home and it is necessary to have a clean home to relax after the long tiring day. With the dirty carpets at home, a person can never relax because it not only looks bad to the eyes and also makes a person sick as the carpets are full of allergens when they are not clean. The carpets can be cleaned at home with the natural items, but the results can’t be compared to those which are enjoyed after hiring the professionals from a Carpet Cleaning Dubai company as it extends the life of carpets. Here are some of the secrets that you should know if you don’t prefer contacting a cleaning company for the carpet cleaning service:


  • Avoid rubbing stains:


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With the kids in the home, the carpets need to be cleaned often due to the spillage as it is not always possible to contact a Carpet Cleaning Dubai company. To keep the carpet in the home for long even after cleaning it many times, the secret is to use a cloth to get rid of the blot by pressing it and one should avoid rubbing it because it damages the fibers of the carpet which decreases its lifespan.


  • Vacuum on a daily basis:


Some people believe that vacuuming the carpet on a daily basis is not good for the material, but it’s a wrong perception as more than half of the dirt is cleaned from the carpet through vacuuming. Especially the dust is captured by the vacuum which is the main cause of sickness and the homes with young ones living in them requires cleaning of carpets on a daily basis as they play while sitting on them.


  • Using shaving cream for every stain:


Shaving cream proves to be great in getting rid of almost every kind of stain on the carpet. The procedure is simple as it can be applied directly on the stain and need to be left there for half an hour. Use dry cloth to clean shaving cream away and then spray the water vinegar solution over the area which is prepared mixing an equal amount of water and vinegar. Clean the solution with a dry cloth to get a carpet free of stains. Same like carpet, water and vinegar solution can also be used for cleaning the stains on sofa and if things go awry with your carpet, do contact a company that offers sofa cleaning Dubai.


  • Avoid using hair spray:


People use different things to clean the stains from the carpets, but not all of them work great and a few of them give negative results that are not prominent like the hair spray. It leaves a residue on the carpet, which attracts the allergens as well as bacteria. The items like the hair spray that are used just because the person is not willing to hire a professional Carpet Cleaning Dubai company due to any issue leaves him/her with no option other than throwing it away and buying a new one.


  • Cosmetics stain removal:

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Cosmetics stain also need DIY method, so a person can get rid of them without the assistance of professionals. If the nail polish stain has made the look of the carpet bad, then non acetone nail polish remover is the solution which can be applied to the area and then rubbed gently. If the nail polish remover is not available, then cold cream is also a good option to clean the cosmetics stain and towel requires to be used to clean away the cream as well as the stain.


  • Hire a Carpet Cleaning Dubai Company:



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If there are no pets in the home, then it is alright to get the carpet cleaning service from a professional company after 6 months. But if there are pets, then the carpets require cleaning after every 3 to 4 months. It is unhealthy for the babies to play on the carpets which are not cleaned by professionals when the pets are at home as it is sure that there are hidden germs in them.

Leaving the carpets dirty for long makes it difficult to clean them and it also damages the fiber due to which it can’t be made look like new again even by a professional Carpet Cleaning Dubai company.

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