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4 Easy Carpet Cleaning Steps To Remove lipstick Stains

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You were in a hurry to get ready for a party and you got the foundation spilled on the carpet?  You forgot hiding the lipstick and your little one used it for the drawing purpose? We understand that there can be many different scenarios that can leave your carpet or sofa dirty so; here are 4 steps for lipstick stain cleaning which anyone can try and if there is unavailability of time; then the best way to get the carpet or sofa clean is getting the Cleaning Services.

Lipstick leaves the stubborn stain that is hard to get rid of because of the presence of grease in it and if the color of the lipstick is dark, then it is difficult to make it disappear. But there are some products that are available in almost every home which can help in removing the stain and make the area look clean like before. You need to make the following things available for the DIY lipstick stain removal:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Spoon or table knife
  • A small cloth (White colored)
  • Gloves
  • Combination of water and detergent
  1. First of all, wear the gloves and remove the excess lipstick using a spoon or something else if it is on the carpet or sofa because it will create extra mess.
  2. Take the cloth and dip it in the rubbing alcohol, squeeze the cloth.
  3. Start dabbing it from the outside to the inside because rubbing can spread the stain, don’t stop dabbing the cloth until all the lipstick is removed.
  4. Use the combination of water and detergent to wash away the rubbing alcohol which needs to be removed from the carpet as well.

This technique of removing the stain can be used for carpet as well as sofa lipstick stain removal. Sofa is a furniture piece that is used for relaxing by laying on it after a long busy day and sometimes a girl leaves a lipstick stain on it for which the method mentioned above can be utilized.

The 4 steps are effective for lipstick stain removal, but the cleaning services Dubai works well when a person can’t spare time to try this method. The cleaning company sends the professionals with the cleaning material at reasonable rate.

Things to keep in mind:


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  • Never apply any mixture directly on the carpet or sofas as it can damage the fabric or color, so it is better to test the mixture on any area that is not clearly visible.
  • A person should never rub any stain as there are chances of it spreading on the nearby area and it makes removing it hard, so dabbing is the right decision.
  • Always use a white colored cloth for the stain removal as the dye on the colored cloth can make the situation even worse, so never choose a colored cloth for cleaning and not even a light colored cloth.
  • Tape can be used to clean away the excessive lipstick from the surface for which applying the tape on the target area and removing it carefully helps.
  • A person should not wait and should treat the stain without wasting much time as it attract the germs which can become the cause of serious illness. The sofa and carpets get full of bacteria when the stains on them are not treated early, so stain removal is necessary in order to keep the family members healthy.

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floor cleaning services in dubai

To keep your floors beautiful, you have to deploy a working cleaning routine otherwise you cannot safeguard them from numerous unclean elements. A clean floor is not only an indication that you prefer cleanliness around you but also impacts on your mood. But very few people realize the importance of cleaning the floor and put it last on the list of important things that they have to do. If you’re looking for a little push or motivation to recall your floor maintenance vows, this is the perfect post to read and make use of a Floor Cleaning Services in Dubai today.

Maintain a clean image


Whether you own a villa, live in an apartment or run a commercial premise, floor cleaning is one of the essential parts to keep up with your visitor’s expectations. In a premise, one of the very prominent parts is the floor containing those shiny tiles and attractive pattern in which they are installed. Suppose, the floor is dirty or contain some unavoidable stains then what expression would it give out to the viewer? Definitely it would get attention of people but in a negative way that you don’t want to experience, right? Keeping the floor clean becomes essential when you need to give out a positive image of your premise and the floor cleaning services in Dubai can help you in doing so.

Extend floor life


Not just floors but all other things get older, rusty and faulty if they are not taken care of properly. See, the issue is that the floors are used on routine basis by an unpredictable persons and that’s what creates hindrance in keeping them clean. The foot taps the placement of different items and various other factors lead to wear and tear of floor tiles and reduce the shine of the surface. In such circumstances, keeping a cleaning plan ready becomes essential and if you fail to do so then a provider of floor cleaning services in Dubai can help you maintain your floor’s clean image.

Avoid stain marks


What looks bad when it comes to floors is the prominent stain marks and dust layer. No doubt that you’ve put so much effort (and money of course) to get the right marble tiles for your floors. But if you couldn’t keep the floor clean, all your efforts would be in vain. The stain could be from anything that includes coffee, ice cream or any liquid that stick to surface very firmly. But the question is that are you making enough efforts to remove the stains completely from the floor or is there a small amount of visibility of that stain? This is where professional floor cleaning services in Dubai come in play to remove any kind of stain in magical way.

Keep germs away


As stated above, there are so many visitors that would use your floor in a day and that you can’t stop. Another element that you cannot stop is the fact that they’d bring in germs and bacteria issue with their arrival as they step foot on the floor. But what you can do is to remove the threat of these germs and bacteria issue by deploying a working cleaning strategy. When you hire the floor cleaning services in Dubai, you get to select from a wide array of cleaning solutions for each germ issue that has a different difficulty level.

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You're in luck as we have just the right service solution for you.

Dial 0800 25326464 now or chat with our dedicated customer reps to schedule the service at best price.