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Kitchen cleaning tips, you need to follow before Ramadan

It is important to organize and clean your kitchen ahead of time for Ramadan.  With Ramadan approaching, it is important to start working on your kitchen cleaning routine. Since all family members will have the suhoor and Iftar meals together. It’s important to organize and clean your kitchen ahead of time this month.  For professional cleaning maid tips, read below some kitchen cleaning tips and tricks that you should work on before Ramadan and you can hire a professional cleaning maid for all your task this Ramadan

1- Cleaning the kitchen floor and counters

Kitchen floors are usually cleaned on a daily basis. However, for special cleaning before Ramadan. You can use some warm water and liquid soap to clean kitchen floors. The warm water will help get rid of dirt and food debris on the floor that would otherwise be difficult to get rid of. Or just get Ifsg services professional cleaning maid deep cleaning services. It will clean your entire kitchen and floor with advanced equipment. (here’s the link as the deals are on 50% of)

2- Oven cleaning tricks

If you can’t wait to bake all those delicious Ramadan foods, recipes you’ve been preserving for a while. It is important to clean the electric or gas oven first. You can follow some easy oven cleaning methods to clean the oven inside and out. Or you simply call our experts for deep cleaning of your ovens. All you have to do just dial our number and we are just a call away! Book your professional cleaning maid.

3- How to clean stainless steel appliances with our professional cleaning maid

Now, you must be worried about how you can clean those greasy appliances? Whether you have a refrigerator with a stainless steel body or other appliances such as a microwave oven, coffee maker, electric oven and other stainless steel. have the best solution for you to clean your stainless-steel appliances properly effortlessly. Book our professional cleaning maid services by IFSG and you will see the difference yourself.

Or if you are in mood to do the work, here the easiest way to clean the surface of a stainless-steel appliance is to use dish soap and water. Always use a non-abrasive cloth such as a lint-free microfiber cloth to clean stainless-steel surfaces. But if you feel its too much for you and too much time consuming then call our experts. As professional cleaning maid is the right option it will save time and your energy.

4- Microwave cleaning tricks

With all food being heated and reheated in the microwave on a daily basis. The appliance requires special attention while cleaning your kitchen during Ramadan. Food spills can collect on the surface of the microwave and the smell of different food items being reheated can leave the microwave smelly. To completely clean your microwave oven, take a cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl. Add two tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar to it. Put them in the microwave for 5 to 10 minutes. Let it rest for a few minutes. After that, remove the bowl and wipe the inside of the microwave with a damp cloth. All food stains will loosen and be easy to remove. Heating an acidic liquid such as lemon juice or vinegar with water in the microwave helps remove unpleasant odors from the microwave oven. While using these microwave cleaning tricks, don’t forget to place a toothpick in the water solution before you put it in the microwave. Overall if you want to have a clean and spotless home then worry not as a professional cleaning maid by Ifsg is here to help! Just dial our number 800-25326464 or just buy any of our voucher which is on 50% off and enjoy your Ramadan

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6 Things only Cleaning Company in Dubai UAE Professional Do

Most people find cleaning the house an easy task, after all, we all did it once in life. But as for the results, a professional cleaning company in Dubai UAE shows itself. A professional cleaning company can make for an amazing transformation, you can’t really experience doing it yourself. There are many things professional cleaners/maids know and can do. So, if you want to know what professional cleaners do differently, you need to read this article. We’ll be sharing 6 Thing only Cleaning Company Professional Do Ifsg services.

Long-lasting, professional results only by cleaning company in Dubai

Professional cleaning company in dubai UAE delivers long-lasting results. You can compare the difference between regular cleaning and cleaning done by a professional company. They know how to spice up a home efficiently. Using professional tools and chemicals, they make a home heaven and a welcoming place for guests. So, to give your home a refreshing and sophisticated look, you need to hire a professional cleaning company.

Damage Insurance!

Damages can occur while cleaning the house and can cost you more. The loss can occur in the form of a broken decoration or damage to furniture, etc., but in the case of professional cleaning services, you can rest assured of damage because a professional cleaning company offers full insurance against any damage. This gives you peace of mind and profit because you don’t need to pay for the damage, all things are already insured!

cleaning services in dubai

Detailed attention to every corner!

Only professional cleaning company in dubai UAE can pay careful attention to every corner of the house. They know their job, and with years of experience, they know how to pay attention to the little details. From clean windows to shiny floors, they keep your home clean and in top condition. While doing everything yourself, these little details can be ignored!

Professional tools and high-quality products!

When you hire professional cleaners, you don’t just hire a cleaning company, but years of experience using the right tools and supplies. Only professional cleaners can use the right cleaning tools and know the right range of floor products. If you do everything alone, then there may be a possibility of damage to the floor due to negligence in choosing high-quality cleaning products.

Save your valuable time by booking cleaning company in dubai UAE

Understanding and purchasing the right home cleaning products can be a nerve-wracking task after all the markets are filled with products. So in this case, professional cleaners can share your burden. They know to use the right products and thus save your wasted time buying. When you hire a professional cleaning company in Dubai UAE, you guarantee fast delivery while ensuring quality of work.

Environmentally friendly!

To preserve your environment, only bio-green products should be used. A professional cleaning company uses environmentally friendly products. These products are safe for the environment but preserve your health. So don’t worry about chemical products that might force them to use them while cleaning yourself and let the professionals do their job.

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Deep cleaning dubai

You haven’t deep cleaned your home for so long and you are stressed because now it will consume too much time to clean everything, right? Don’t worry, we have some amazing tricks that will make your home shine and the best part about them is there is no need to rush to the market to arrange the items required for the Deep Cleaning Dubai as they are common household items that are available in almost every home.


  • Dish soap to remove fabric sofa stain:


sofa cleaning services


Dish soap work wonders when applied on the stain on fabric sofa, it requires to be placed on the stain for a few minutes. Then use a clean wet cloth to clean the soap away and avoid rubbing it as the stain spread and the area of stain increases, so pressing the cloth over the stain is better to get rid of it. Some stains are hard to get rid of and for them, getting the assistance from a deep cleaning Dubai company is the best option.


  • Vinegar for the grimy grout on washroom walls:


The combination of vinegar and dish soap is great to get rid of grimy grout, mixing both in an equal amount is enough to get shiny washroom walls. The walls need to be deep cleaned in order to make them sparkle and using this technique to clean the washroom walls is good prior to taking bath as it will be easy to rinse the walls.


  • Baking soda for cleaning the faucets:


Every single thing in a home needs to be deep cleaned if the homeowner wants an impressive look of his/her place and small things like faucets also count. Baking soda works well when it’s the matter of getting the faucet shine back, sprinkling a small amount of baking soda and using a tooth brush for scrubbing gives great results. The homeowners with too many faucets in the home can get deep cleaning services Dubai if he/she is finding it difficult to clean them all alone.


  • Vinegar for cleaning window tracks:


There are many areas in a home that are ignored just because the dirt accumulated inside them is not seen often just order clonazepam online uk like the window tracks. The window tracks not cleaned for so long have dead flies and dust accumulated in it which needs to be deep cleaned for living healthy. Placing baking soda and vinegar on it, leaving the combination on the target area for a few minutes is enough to window track deep cleaning Dubai.


  • Lemon for microwave deep cleaning:


cleaning services


Microwave is something that is used in the home many times on a daily basis for heating up the food, so it gets dirty and requires cleaning more than any other electronic product in the kitchen. It is not difficult to clean the microwave as just the lemons and vinegar can work great. A few lemon slices and 2 tablespoon of vinegar needs to be placed in a bowl full of water. Put the bowl in the microwave oven and set it on 5 minutes, leave the bowl in the oven for additional few minutes and then take it out. Now the microwave can be cleaned without much hassle with a damp cloth. It is a simple microwave deep cleaning Dubai method, but if a person doesn’t have time then hiring the experts from a reliable cleaning company in Dubai is the perfect solution.


  • Dish soap for stovetop deep cleaning:


kitchen cleaning services


Stove is used twice a day or even more times and the stains on the stovetop is a common thing, but they not only make the stove look bad; but it is also unhealthy so a person avoids cooking on a dirty stovetop. Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the stovetop and wait for almost 10 minutes. Pour some dishwashing soap in a bowl of hot water and place a cloth in it, use it to clean the stovetop in circular motions.

In this modern age, it is not always possible for every person to deep clean the home even after long period of time; so it is where the deep cleaning Dubai companies are beneficial and they assist by sending their professional cleaners as well as the cleaning material.

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