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Why You Should Consider Hiring Monthly Maid Cleaners

Regular cleaning of your home is important to maintain cleanliness and healthy life. Since regular cleaning is not always possible for busy people, people choose weekly or monthly cleaning. There is also a monthly cleaning service cleaning option. If you don’t have a monthly cleaning service yet, you should get information about the monthly cleaning service or book a maid for an entire month. This service is better understanding it and sees if it meets your requirements. Here’ is the complete guide on Why You Should Consider Hiring monthly cleaning service.

What is a monthly cleaning service?

The individual cleaning service is called a one-time cleaning service. Generally speaking, companies have professionals who complete monthly or weekly cleaning services provide you with a one-time cleaning service and some of them have a special team that does the job. Suppose there is an event coming into your home and you need a deep cleaning service to make it look sparkling and completely free of dust and dirt. Or you are tired of giving instructions to new maids every day?  Try our monthly cleaning service by 247bookingapp.

There are many packages for monthly cleaning service and homeowners can choose one according to their needs and preferences. Not only for parties or gatherings, you may also need this service at other times as well. Since it can be difficult to do the job yourself, it is best to sign a one-time home cleaning contract with a reputable company to help you.

Holidays- Monthly cleaning service

Team of positive smiling professional cleaners dusting in ordinary office

Whatever the occasion, if your family is coming to your home soon, you need to get it in the best possible way. To get rid of dust, dirt and all kinds of germs you will need a deep cleaning service. Moving the furniture and cleaning the entire order xanax online india home with the right detergents is not an easy task for you when you have a busy schedule. Kitchen, bathrooms, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, appliances, utensils, and all things in the home that can accumulate dirt and dust should be cleaned well. With a professional cleanser, you can expect to get it done perfectly. Plus, your maid will come on appointed time and you will more time to enjoy with your family.

The autumn

After the cold weather comes spring and makes for great weather. Sprint lets the day shine and transform surroundings from pale to colorful. In winter, as the house gets warm, debris and dust begin to settle in the house. Spring is the time to remove all of this, open the windows to let in some fresh air. So, spring is the time when you should call a specialist and sign a home cleaning contract. You can check out our monthly plans which starts from only 224 aed.


If you live in a rental home when you plan to move the house, be sure to get your deposit back. To do this, you have to make the house the same as it was when you started living there. You can get busy moving and packing so it’s best to leave responsibility for that to a monthly cleaning service company that offers a monthly cleaning service as well.

Monthly cleaning service

If you need a trustworthy company to land a home cleaning contract with, you should look for 247boookingapp by its services. Which is a reputable cleaning service in Dubai, Uae. They engage their professional team to clean your entire home professionally. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now to book your first free trial as well with a monthly cleaning service.

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7 Signs that It’s Time to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service in Dubai

If you are in the habit of doing all the housework on your own, the idea of ​​hiring a professional cleaning service in Dubai may run into some resistance. To some, calling the professionals may seem like a defeat – but there’s no shame in asking for help when life gets busy or you have to change priorities (or even when you need a Saturday to rest and recharge). If you have the means to do this, then hiring a professional cleaning service in Dubai can make your home not only cleaner but also healthier and quieter. Are you looking for just one reason to pick up the phone? Here are some signs that it is time to hire a professional cleaning service in Dubai.

bathroom cleaning in dubai
IFSG Service Cleaning services in Dubai


1 You’re skipping important cleaning tasks

If a growing pile of dirty laundry means that you are putting back on an unwashed top for the second time this week, or that the batch of dirty dishes attracts insects, this is a sure sign that it is time to hire an expert team from cleaning services in Dubai. If you find yourself skipping cleaning tasks that then affect other areas of your life (like your job or whether your kids can find their backpacks in the morning), it might be time to call the professionals.


2 You sacrifice sleep

Sure, there are nights when the wash cycle runs a little later than you expected, but if you are constantly giving up sleep (or exercising, or cooking healthy meals), it might be time to outsource some of your tasks. Bear this in mind: Nobody can pick up Zzzs for you or take an aerobics class at your place, but anyone can help you dust and vacuum clean. This is why IFSG-Group professional cleaning services in Dubai can assure you have a relaxing weekend or day after your hectic day at the office. We are just a call away.


3 Have a new baby (or another big change in your life)

Whether you have a baby at home, have been busy caring for an elderly parent, or have gotten a big promotion at work, a sudden shift in responsibilities may leave you without free time to clean up. Not only can hiring a professional save you valuable hours when time is tight, but it can also help you reduce stress during this time of change.


4 You have another priority

It might be a project you wanted to start or a hobby that you never find time to practice. If your to-do list doesn’t leave you time for productivity or creativity, hiring a house cleaner might help. Besides saving some time, a tidy home will give you more space for hobbies and creative activities.



5 You need some time for yourself

If work, family, friends, and other commitments mean you don’t have time to rest and recharge. Hiring a professional cleaning service in Dubai might be an easy way to add some time to your week. Yes, even if it’s reading, meditation, running, or watching a mindless TV show.


6 You are recovering from an illness or injury

Cleaning can be a physically demanding job, so if you are breastfeeding a broken ankle or are busy recovering from surgery, there is no better time to contact the professionals.


7 This is the sign

Sometimes, we just wait for the sign that gives us permission – so here it is! You don’t need much excuse to hire a professional home cleaning service if you want to. Just call us now to book your services or just buy our hot deal vouchers online to book your maid cleaning services in just 20 AED ONLY!

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4 Easy Carpet Cleaning Steps To Remove lipstick Stains

cleaning services in dubai

You were in a hurry to get ready for a party and you got the foundation spilled on the carpet?  You forgot hiding the lipstick and your little one used it for the drawing purpose? We understand that there can be many different scenarios that can leave your carpet or sofa dirty so; here are 4 steps for lipstick stain cleaning which anyone can try and if there is unavailability of time; then the best way to get the carpet or sofa clean is getting the Cleaning Services.

Lipstick leaves the stubborn stain that is hard to get rid of because of the presence of grease in it and if the color of the lipstick is dark, then it is difficult to make it disappear. But there are some products that are available in almost every home which can help in removing the stain and make the area look clean like before. You need to make the following things available for the DIY lipstick stain removal:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Spoon or table knife
  • A small cloth (White colored)
  • Gloves
  • Combination of water and detergent
  1. First of all, wear the gloves and remove the excess lipstick using a spoon or something else if it is on the carpet or sofa because it will create extra mess.
  2. Take the cloth and dip it in the rubbing alcohol, squeeze the cloth.
  3. Start dabbing it from the outside to the inside because rubbing can spread the stain, don’t stop dabbing the cloth until all the lipstick is removed.
  4. Use the combination of water and detergent to wash away the rubbing alcohol which needs to be removed from the carpet as well.

This technique of removing the stain can be used for carpet as well as sofa lipstick stain removal. Sofa is a furniture piece that is used for relaxing by laying on it after a long busy day and sometimes a girl leaves a lipstick stain on it for which the method mentioned above can be utilized.

The 4 steps are effective for lipstick stain removal, but the cleaning services Dubai works well when a person can’t spare time to try this method. The cleaning company sends the professionals with the cleaning material at reasonable rate.

Things to keep in mind:


carpet cleaning



  • Never apply any mixture directly on the carpet or sofas as it can damage the fabric or color, so it is better to test the mixture on any area that is not clearly visible.
  • A person should never rub any stain as there are chances of it spreading on the nearby area and it makes removing it hard, so dabbing is the right decision.
  • Always use a white colored cloth for the stain removal as the dye on the colored cloth can make the situation even worse, so never choose a colored cloth for cleaning and not even a light colored cloth.
  • Tape can be used to clean away the excessive lipstick from the surface for which applying the tape on the target area and removing it carefully helps.
  • A person should not wait and should treat the stain without wasting much time as it attract the germs which can become the cause of serious illness. The sofa and carpets get full of bacteria when the stains on them are not treated early, so stain removal is necessary in order to keep the family members healthy.

If anyone is facing any issue removing the stain him/herself, call us on 800 – 25326464 for booking cleaning services.


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move out cleaning services in dubai

You might be good at managing chores in routine life but how’d you handle the cleaning when you are already short on time during the moving out process? When you decide to move, everything demands quick action and smart execution and in this quest of keeping everything intact with your plan, many things fall behind the schedule just because you’re doing it all by yourself. And even if you have some help by your side, cleaning is one particular task that demands skills than strength of people. So we offer Move Out Cleaning Services in Dubai to help you save more time for the move to make your moving journey easy and stress free. Read on if you’re still not sure whether you should go for move in/move out cleaning services in Dubai or manage it yourself.





cleaning services in dubai



When you have bigger concerns to worry about, the move in/move out cleaning services in Dubai can help you stay organized and manage your move wisely without giving out all your energy in just one daunting task – cleaning. Here are some key benefits for hiring the move in/move out cleaning services in Dubai:

  • Everyone values time and this is one particular thing that you’d be spending when cleaning around your apartment. Imagine how many hours you spend during the regular cleaning of your apartment and now double it when you need to be thorough and pay attention to details while cleaning your apartment for move out. This is where the professionals come in to save those energy consuming hours and lend you some more time in sorting your move.
  • The move in/move out cleaning services in Dubai are specially designed to cover those areas of your apartment that are rarely cleaned during the regular cleaning activities. So when you hire professionals, you get a guarantee to remove the stubborn marks and clean the tricky corners of your apartment that might put your deposit at risk. This way you can surely cover your full deposit when vacating the apartment.
  • Let’s talk some business! In order to secure your security deposit, you are required to return the apartment in clean and spotless condition as you received it during the move in time. And given the fact that you have very limited time to clean, move in/move out cleaning services in Dubai become the last resort to manage the task gracefully and keep your landlord happy.
  • A move isn’t just a simple process that you think to move one day and everything will be sorted with a magic wand. When you hire professional move in/move out cleaning services in Dubai by calling on 0800 25326464, you get to focus on other parts of your move that are essential and cannot be neglected at any cost. So hire a move in/move out cleaning service in Dubai and maintain your peace of mind during the moving process.


Move In/Move Out Cleaning Tips:



moving services in Dubai



We believe in empowering our customers so here are some useful tips if you go about cleaning your apartment yourself instead of relying on move in/move out cleaning services in Dubai:

  • Never go about cleaning the floors in first place as it would double your efforts. Always tackle the floor cleaning in the end of the whole cleaning process.
  • Clean the exterior and interior surfaces of the fixture to ensure total cleanliness in your apartment.
  • Use trash bags to contain the trash properly and dump the garbage as soon as you’re done with the cleaning of your apartment.
  • Always carry a cleaning checklist for managing your apartment’s cleaning task in an organized manner.
  • Remove everything from the cabinets and drawers while you clean them off.
  • Never miss the wall corners and the unreachable sections of doors and windows that contain cobwebs.
  • If your apartment already had carpets and rugs, never miss to shampooing them because they contain unseen problems including diseases, germs and contamination issues.

You may book the move in/move out cleaning services in Dubai by calling on 0800 25326464 anytime when you need to vacate your apartment. Call now and receive quick price quotes and schedule a service with ease.

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