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flea treatment services in Dubai

You surely have heard about the vampires and definitely have seen Twilight series, right? They are factious concepts but the disturbing reality is of fleas that feed on our blood. Yes, you heard it right that fleas live on our blood and create that itchy feeling that I’m sure you wouldn’t want to have, right? To your surprise, fleas have more than 3 types that researches have identified up till now and all somehow connect with the itching and blood sucking problems in human body. So we thought to give you a clear picture of how fleas can approach humans (means YOU) and create problems that include health and your comfort. Read on and conclude if you need Flea Treatment Services In Dubai or you can bear some more bites from these fleas.

Through Dogs


Are you a dog lover? Tell me…what kind of dog do you own and how involve it is in your routine life? Is your dog in good condition or is it expresses discomfort and develops skin related problems time and again? One reason to such matters could be the existence of fleas within your place that is specifically targeting dogs that indirectly impacts on your health. There is a kind of fleas that is termed as ‘dog fleas’ due to their preferences. This type of flea would be inclined to such on dog’s blood and leave behind various diseases like Murine typhus, Mycoplasma haemofelis and Tapeworms. This is one of the situations in which you need to call flea treatment services in Dubai.


Through Cats

So you love cats, right? Who doesn’t love them as they are very cute and lovable creature in the world? I mentioned about dog fleas up there but to your surprise, there is a species of fleas that hunts down cats. You need to be careful as your cat might be serving as their passage to reach your body (and blood, not to mention). They are not very different in terms of appearance from dog fleas except they have a slightly different color. One strong signal that our cat would be broadcasting is through scratches on any part of the body. If your cat is developing an itching issue for quite some time, understand that you are one step away from confronting fleas on your body.


Through Other Pets

We have a very fascinating clue for you to conclude if you’re under attack of flea infestation. Sometimes, fleas bread on other pets instead of cats and dogs and reach your body (and blood, of course). These pets include parrots, rabbits, rats and mice that become the prey of flea present in your premise and create problems for you. The real issue arises when these fleas jump from their favorite food sources to your skin and start to bite you.


By Your Own Blood

There is a special type of fleas called ‘human fleas’ that specifically hunt for us – humans. No matter how cautious you act, if you don’t call
flea treatment services in Dubai then these creatures can find you at anywhere.  These fleas can leave behind allergies and even other problems for your health if left untreated.

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