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cleaning services in duabi

It is a fact that no one wants to waste his/her hard earned money and the things without which a person can’t live requires money to be spent like cleaning of the home. There are 2 ways to get a home tidy, the first one is to prepare the cleaner at home and the second way is to get Maid Service Dubai. The best thing about the both ways is they are cheap, but preparing a homemade cleaner requires extra time. Here are a few amazing homemade cleaner preparation methods which can help with cleaning in home:

Glass material cleaner:



There are many things made up of glass material in every home, the windows and the tables cannot be ignored when it comes to make the home tidy for which a person can prepare a cleaner at home. Take 1 cup water; add quarter cup of vinegar and 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol in it along with 2 drops of orange essential oil in it. Mix them all and pour the solution in a spray bottle, spray it on a small towel which you will be using to clean and then on the item that needs to be cleaned such as window or table with a glass top. This mixture dry in seconds, so clean the glass immediately after spraying it. All the items used in this method are cheap, but for those who can’t spare time for the cleaning; getting the service of home maids Dubai is the best choice which is also cheap just 40AED/hour.

Water ring stain cleaner:


Water ring is the stain which a glass leaves on the surface that does nothing but make it appear bad.  For the water ring stain removal, use the combination of 2 tablespoon toothpaste and 2 tablespoon baking soda. Take a small wet towel, put the combination of toothpaste and baking soda on it then rub the target area. It is the cheapest way of getting the surface shine back after it removes the water ring stain. Use a dry cloth to clean away the paste and you will get a clean surface, but avoid using this method for stain removal on unfinished wood.

Homemade scrub cleaner:


cleaning services in dubai


Rust is not easy to get rid of, but a homemade scrub can work well other than maid service Dubai. Just lemon and borax are required to clean the rust on the sinks or tubs, take a lemon and cut it from center. Put borax on half and scrub the area with rust. This scrub should not be used on marble as it can damage the material. It is not always possible to clean the sinks and tubs properly due to unavailability of time or knowledge, so here the maid service can assist.

Carpet stain cleaner:


Stains on the carpet make the whole area give an unattractive look, so here is a method to make carpet stain cleaner to get rid of the marks. Just combine half cup water with half cup vinegar, add a small amount of lemon zest and rosemary sprigs in it. Put all the things in a spray bottle and leave it for a few days prior to using it for carpet stain removal. The carpet adds to be the look of the home, so it should be without a single spot and if a person can’t manage time to remove the spots from the carpet; maid service Dubai is the right option to keep the home clean without spending much money.

There is doubt that homemade cleaners give good results and they are cheap as well, but people find it difficult to take time to prepare and use them because of their strict daily routine. But there is no need to worry and leave the mess when a person can get maid service Dubai at cheap rate. 40AED/hour can give a clean home which is necessary to keep the family members healthy and to relax after the busy working day.

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