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Simple Steps For Cleaning Your Upholstery

upholstery cleaning

Looking for easy yet simple ways to cleaning your upholstery? Here’s how you can easily keep your furniture and furnishings clean with a little preventative maintenance and extra care. Follow these Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Upholstery, and you may never again need to hire professionals or rent expensive equipment.

Cleaning Your Upholstery

Vacuuming the Sofa:

Keep dust, dirt, or crumbs on the upholstery away by making it a habit to sweep most surfaces of the fabric with the upholstery accessory or just simple vacuuming your sofa. This helps lift the general crumbs and dirt being carried from the floor to the surface of the fabric (thanks, socks). Quick vacuuming helps prevent dirty things from becoming stickier, and also helps prevent them from becoming agitated – like sandpaper – which can cause signs of wear in the areas you sit or put your feet in faster than other areas. If you have preserved the leather, dust it regularly with a soft cloth.

Use Brush for Heavy Dirt:

 Here’s another great tip that you can use while cleaning your upholstery. Fabric sofas can also be cleaned with a soft brush if you feel that your upholstery has heavy dirt. Try using the one that comes with a trowel. Buy a new one and keep it for use on upholstery only rather than sharing the brushes you use when cleaning your floors.

Wipe Down Hard Surface

Sometimes, the regular maintenance just can’t take care of deep dirt and stains. To properly deep clean the sofa, you will need a cleaning rag, a hard brush, baking soda, and a vacuum cleaner with the included brush. For any tough stains still present, you can use a solution suitable for the type of fabric along with a clean cloth to remove the stain.

Make a solution of Water and detergent.

You can make this solution for all your, upholstery, which can be cleaned with a mixture of:

  • 3/4 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of dish soap.
  • For synthetic furnishings, use a mixture of 1 cup warm water, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 1/2 tablespoon dish soap.

Apply the mixture:

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray it onto the stains.

Prepare the Sofa Cleaning Machine:

Before you apply any cleaner to your furniture, understand the manufacturer’s recommendations for the materials used. Many of us purchase a recommended brand of commercial cleaning product because we know that will be a safe choice. However, all you need is to understand which cleaners are safe for your furniture, then choose the best upholstery fabric cleaner recipe. Before starting upholstery cleaning, do a spot test. Choose an inconspicuous spot on your furniture. This could be on the underside of the furniture, or maybe on the ledge or on the back of upholstered furniture. You want a stain that is rarely seen, just in case the detergent fails to test the stain and causes a stain to appear. Once you’ve picked the stain, apply a small amount of detergent and follow directions to clean the area. Allow the cleaner to dry and check for stains. If the area looks clean and you don’t see rings or stains, you can continue cleaning the furniture. The key to choosing the best natural upholstery cleaner is understanding the cleaning codes.

Remove the excess detergent:

Stepping ahead, release the trigger which applies the shampoo. Then further, move the nozzle across the sofa surface once more, strictly sucking up excess detergent back into the vacuum

Repeat the Step if you feel:

After completing the sofa cleaning process, you get the ultimate result. But if you end up finding spots and dullness, you can repeat the process. Yes, there happens that few hard stains don’t go or wash off in the first wash. Avoid over-shampooing of a place as it can directly lead to permanent discoloration.

Properly Ventilate the room:

Once you are done with the sofa cleaning task, there comes the turn of dry cleaning the sofa. Always remember to dry clean the sofa in a properly ventilated place. This is recommended because any dry-cleaning solution has a strong smell. The exhaust system needs to be efficient. As always, try to go for a spot test before applying the dry sofa cleaning solution to the complete surface. Your sofa is delicate so your steps should be.

All these steps are mainly defined for fabric sofas. Sofa cleaning steps for fabric sofa and leather one are different. For leathers, you have different products and even steps are also somewhat different. IFSG SERVICES offers you a great range of sofa cleaning services. Along with this, you can even avail of many more services as a package like home cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, mattress cleaning,maids services, and many more. For more, get connected to us on

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Benefits Of Hiring Sofa Cleaning Services In Dubai

sofa cleaning services in dubai

Can’t stand the dust and stains on your few year’s old sofas? Tried all DIY’S? but couldn’t clean it properly? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as the IFSG group of services is the solution to your sofa cleaning problems. Still in doubt? Whether you should hire a cleaning company or not? If yes, here are the few benefits of hiring Sofa Cleaning Services In Dubai. Hire our best service to get the top-notch quality cleaning services in town.

Why you should hire sofa cleaning services in Dubai?

If you avoid cleaning the sofa over the years, the sofa will likely look very old and dirty. Sofa cleaning has many psychological and health benefits, so think twice before deciding to stop cleaning the sofa until later. You have to clean it no matter how difficult and time-consuming this task is. However, you don’t have to do it yourself, though. Fortunately, there are many professional sofa cleaning services that want to clean the sofa efficiently at a very affordable cost.

Don’t Experiment it might damage your sofa fabric

You may have basic knowledge of how to clean a sofa, but if you try to clean from some DIY solution then you are most likely to ruin your sofa and the fabric as well. Hiring IFSG Sofa cleaning technicians who are well trained and have a lot of experience and knowledge of the most effective way to clean each type of sofa.

The faster and better buy tranax alprazolam result with IFSG

Sofas are ideal for stains, dirt, and dust collectors, and you may have difficulty cleaning them. Also, you may not have the proper equipment to completely remove all dirt from the sofa. Professional sofa cleaning services in Dubai like IFSG Group are equipped with suitable equipment to give a new look to the sofa and can efficiently handle mold, yeast, bacteria, etc. It is equipped with all kinds of specialized equipment, so it can complete any cleaning task faster and better than you. We have trained our experts to clean the deepest coroners and the solution we used to one of the best and approved by the Dubai authorities.

Our Team Is Trained To Remove Tough Stains

We are experienced in removing tough stains from any type of sofa material. Difficult stains such as pet urine, spilled coffee, wine, ketchup, etc. are difficult to remove and require more than just sturdy cleaning. For best results, we have given our staff the modern and up to date equipment and they are professional sofa cleaning technicians. You can hire because they get rid of tried methods and highly efficient equipment that can remove the toughest stains without damaging the sofa. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and book your sofa cleaning service in Dubai today and avail 10% off on all services by IFSG group valid till the 3rd of august.

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sofa cleaning services in dubai

Can you spot what’s wrong with your sofa set that is making the whole environment unpleasant? Like our bodies, our sofas and couches, too, need a cleaning session from time to time. But…the question is that in what conditions do you need Sofa Cleaning Services In Dubai? To make things easy, understandable and transparent for you, here are some good reasons to call your sofa cleaning company. Read on and learn when to use the sofa cleaner’s expertise and bring back the freshness on your sofa.


Whether in our apartments or at the workplace, we use various items on a routine basis. But, out of all these items, the sofas and couches are particular items with maximum usage by us, the humans. Due to this excessive usage, our sofas catch certain elements from our bodies like sweat. Now, if the temperature is humid and you’re sweaty while using the sofa, you’re likely to transfer your sweat to the sofas. With your sweat, you’re basically transferring germs from your body to your sofa that would eventually be transferred to another user who’d sit on it. If this is the case, you must hire sofa cleaning services in Dubai to remove sweating issues from your sofas.


If left untreated, sofas can act as a germ harbor and spread diseases across the place. Since sofas are used by every other person present in the premise, they’re an active source of spreading contamination. If you fail to clean your sofas every 2 months or so, you’re basically leaving a spot open for germs to invade buy modafinil online with mastercard your facility. Take this situation as another sign when you need to call sofa cleaning services in Dubai and prevent contamination within your facility.


Speaking of sofa cleaning, you can’t simply skip odorous sofas that disrupt the pleasantness of the place. When sofas and couches are left uncleaned for weeks, they start to smell and cause embarrassment in front of any unexpected guest. Take this odorous situation as a sign that demands your attention towards your sofa’s cleanliness. Ideally, you shouldn’t delay hiring the sofa cleaning services in Dubai as any delay can increase the cleaning challenges further. Especially when it’s your workplace where you’re keeping a smelly sofa.


If you face breathing issues, you must not forget to clean your sofas often. Because a dirty sofa contains various allergens that can boost diseases like Asthma and prove a bad omen for your health and wellbeing. If you’ve not cleaned your sofa for the last 3 months, you must do it now to prevent allergens and other germ related issues. If you’re facing time issues, you can schedule a cleaning session with your trusted sofa cleaning services in Dubai and maintain your sofa’s cleanliness. Decide how you want them to clean your sofa and enjoy a clean, fresh experience while using the sofa.

IFSG Services offers professional sofa cleaning services in Dubai and ensures that you find no cleaning issues once the job is completed. Dial 800 25326464 now to speak with our key account managers and get your sofas cleaned by true sofa cleaning experts.

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sofa cleaning services in dubai

Sofas are one of the most favorite furniture items in a household that no one dislikes after a hectic day at work, isn’t it? We come home, through our case away and jump onto sofa to submit ourselves into those soft cushions and springing seats and we do it regularly, don’t we? We trust our sofa and this is the reason that we consider it a faithful companion (no offense to dogs). But there are certain demands that our sofas made from time to time especially when they are dirty. Would you mind hiring the Sofa Cleaning Services In Dubai or ditch your faithful companion when it needs your affection and compassion in shape of a thorough clean? We have some valid points to realize you the importance of sofa cleaning to keep it usable and away from germs.




We can’t get away with our bad habits that make our sofas suffer when it comes to eating, right? Recall your routine of past week and there we find a spillage of soft drink or grains of the toast or any other food item. Majority of the time a sofa becomes prey of a liquid item that we consume while sitting on our sofa. Here an exciting scene shows up on the TV, there we jump and spill some liquid on the sofa to give it a prominent stain mark. Okay, we don’t talk about the bad habits but still the sofa is containing that stain with grace. So are you ready to accept this flaw in your sofa that you gave it unintentionally or would you consider hiring professional sofa cleaning services in Dubai? Choice is yours!




Let’s accept it! We’re not the sole user of our sofa set as so many people make use of this article in different times of the day, right? This sometimes results in exchange of contagious diseases and creates problems for the users when there is no proper sofa cleaning plan. If you don’t know already then a dirty sofa can cause problems like asthma dermatitis and emphysema. And what else could you expect from a dirty sofa that is not being washed properly for weeks? In such situation if you don’t sit on it, it still gets dirty with the passage of time and poses threat to your health with these problems.




If we calculate the amount of dust, grime and residue a sofa contains within a short span of time, we won’t use it anymore. Go deep inside the sofa fabric and you’ll find different dirt related problems like food grains, oily elements absorbed into the fabric and other forms of dirty elements. These elements create a gross feeling for the user and make the experience very unpleasant and uncomfortable. Now suppose, you have guests over your place and they feel the existence of these items then your image would be in danger in their eyes, isn’t it? This is another reason to clean your sofa with a consistency and if you can’t do it yourself, you can always take help from the providers of sofa cleaning services in Dubai.




Okay we’re not the only adorers of our sofa set as there is another living being present in our household – pets…remember? It might be a cat, a dog or maybe those cute rabbits that you have in your house. Tell me…do they share the sofa with you or do they behave very sober and never get onto the sofa without your permission? I bet they share the sofa and sit on it multiple times during the delay, right? When they use sofa, they leave behind their hairs that might contain germs and bacteria and impact on your health. This could make you ill or give you an allergy if you don’t remove pet hairs from your favorite sofa set before using it.

Dial 0800 25326464 to get information about our sofa cleaning services in Dubai and receive instant price quotes from our key account managers now.

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