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Carpets and rugs act as a silent soldier within our household, aren’t they? But we, the humans, fail to provide them the kind of care and cleaning treatment that they deserve over the passage of time (and after every party). They might not speak to complain but there are signs that tell us about their unhappiness and discomfort. Ah…you don’t need to be too emotional as I’m just referring to different types of carpet stains. But stain removal becomes essential if you rely on your carpet instead of making contact with floor tiles. As a provider of Stain Removal services in Dubai, we have compiled this list of 5 stubborn carpet stains that you should know.



It happened during that ‘leisurely’ time that you were spending with some close friends and now the carpet has preserved those special moments in shape of wine stains. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault but if you keep the stain dwelling on your carpet then there you become rude to your dearest carpet/rug. As a provider of
stain removal services in Dubai, we believe that you don’t need to perform a magical task as following simple steps can help you remove the wine stain. First soak up the stain in cool water, pretreat it with stain remover and launder using sodium hypochlorite bleach. Your wine stain would be gone from the carpet like it never existed.



Accept it! We all behave carelessly while enjoying coffee after a hectic day at work, right? But this carelessness costs us in shape of a dirty carpet that leaves us repenting for mistreating our carpets at times. And secondly, you wouldn’t want the visitors know your drinking preferences through your carpet stains, right? So what to do now when your carpet is in severe condition with those big, visible blots of coffee stains? As a provider of
stain removal services in Dubai we say…repeat the process that you did with the wine stain and get rid of this problem before it stick to the surface.



No offense to you but your chewing habits are crossing the line and making your place dirty. What? You don’t believe it? Okay, look around and start finding a chewing gum at the floor and you’ll be surprised to find it on the carpets. Okay, I believe that you’re not staining your carpet with the chewing gum littering but the gum is there on the carpet and you have to remove it without ruining the carpet fabric. Follow our 3 step gum removal process! Apply cold water on the gum, scrape it with the knife (or anything edgy) and saturate and rinse it. The gum will lose the grip and you’ll find a clean, spotless carpet back.



Juices and carpets can’t stay away from each other when you have kids around. There could be apple juice, spillage from banana shakes or anything that you (or your kids) drink too often. And the problem is that juices dry faster than other liquids so there’s a strong chance of giving your carpet a permanent stain mark if you don’t act quickly. As a provider of stain removal services in Dubai, we believe that when you have such situation simply go for washing the stain with bleach that is safe for fabrics.



Caramel, chocolate or vanilla…what ice-cream flavor you like the most? Well, you don’t need to ponder over this question as simply a quick look on your carpet can give you the answer. The stain marks from your ice cream onto your carpet will reveal your ice cream preferences and will help you identify the stain problem at hand. So now that you’ve realized the issue, it is time that you remove the stain to set your carpet free from the invasion of ice cream stain. You need to soak up the stain using a cleaner that contains enzymes and let it there for around 30 minutes and wash it using hot water to remove the stain permanently.

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