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Simple Steps For Cleaning Your Upholstery

upholstery cleaning

Looking for easy yet simple ways to cleaning your upholstery? Here’s how you can easily keep your furniture and furnishings clean with a little preventative maintenance and extra care. Follow these Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Upholstery, and you may never again need to hire professionals or rent expensive equipment.

Cleaning Your Upholstery

Vacuuming the Sofa:

Keep dust, dirt, or crumbs on the upholstery away by making it a habit to sweep most surfaces of the fabric with the upholstery accessory or just simple vacuuming your sofa. This helps lift the general crumbs and dirt being carried from the floor to the surface of the fabric (thanks, socks). Quick vacuuming helps prevent dirty things from becoming stickier, and also helps prevent them from becoming agitated – like sandpaper – which can cause signs of wear in the areas you sit or put your feet in faster than other areas. If you have preserved the leather, dust it regularly with a soft cloth.

Use Brush for Heavy Dirt:

 Here’s another great tip that you can use while cleaning your upholstery. Fabric sofas can also be cleaned with a soft brush if you feel that your upholstery has heavy dirt. Try using the one that comes with a trowel. Buy a new one and keep it for use on upholstery only rather than sharing the brushes you use when cleaning your floors.

Wipe Down Hard Surface

Sometimes, the regular maintenance just can’t take care of deep dirt and stains. To properly deep clean the sofa, you will need a cleaning rag, a hard brush, baking soda, and a vacuum cleaner with the included brush. For any tough stains still present, you can use a solution suitable for the type of fabric along with a clean cloth to remove the stain.

Make a solution of Water and detergent.

You can make this solution for all your, upholstery, which can be cleaned with a mixture of:

  • 3/4 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of dish soap.
  • For synthetic furnishings, use a mixture of 1 cup warm water, 1/2 cup vinegar, and 1/2 tablespoon dish soap.

Apply the mixture:

Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray it onto the stains.

Prepare the Sofa Cleaning Machine:

Before you apply any cleaner to your furniture, understand the manufacturer’s recommendations for the materials used. Many of us purchase a recommended brand of commercial cleaning product because we know that will be a safe choice. However, all you need is to understand which cleaners are safe for your furniture, then choose the best upholstery fabric cleaner recipe. Before starting upholstery cleaning, do a spot test. Choose an inconspicuous spot on your furniture. This could be on the underside of the furniture, or maybe on the ledge or on the back of upholstered furniture. You want a stain that is rarely seen, just in case the detergent fails to test the stain and causes a stain to appear. Once you’ve picked the stain, apply a small amount of detergent and follow directions to clean the area. Allow the cleaner to dry and check for stains. If the area looks clean and you don’t see rings or stains, you can continue cleaning the furniture. The key to choosing the best natural upholstery cleaner is understanding the cleaning codes.

Remove the excess detergent:

Stepping ahead, release the trigger which applies the shampoo. Then further, move the nozzle across the sofa surface once more, strictly sucking up excess detergent back into the vacuum

Repeat the Step if you feel:

After completing the sofa cleaning process, you get the ultimate result. But if you end up finding spots and dullness, you can repeat the process. Yes, there happens that few hard stains don’t go or wash off in the first wash. Avoid over-shampooing of a place as it can directly lead to permanent discoloration.

Properly Ventilate the room:

Once you are done with the sofa cleaning task, there comes the turn of dry cleaning the sofa. Always remember to dry clean the sofa in a properly ventilated place. This is recommended because any dry-cleaning solution has a strong smell. The exhaust system needs to be efficient. As always, try to go for a spot test before applying the dry sofa cleaning solution to the complete surface. Your sofa is delicate so your steps should be.

All these steps are mainly defined for fabric sofas. Sofa cleaning steps for fabric sofa and leather one are different. For leathers, you have different products and even steps are also somewhat different. IFSG SERVICES offers you a great range of sofa cleaning services. Along with this, you can even avail of many more services as a package like home cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, mattress cleaning,maids services, and many more. For more, get connected to us on

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maids services in dubai

In search of some ‘me’ time? Sometimes life in Dubai becomes very hectic that we fail to give ourselves a break even when we want to. You want to watch that soap on TV, missing the shopping with friends or it might be the urge to reunite with old folks but everything becomes impossible because you have to do the chores. These chores are undeniable and you cannot neglect them but what is viable to give yourself some time is to hire professional Maid Services In Dubai. The maids are swift, attentive and professional enough that you can trust their capabilities when it comes to handling your routine chores on your behalf. But if you’re still not convinced to hire the maid services in Dubai, here are some more aspects that you expect from these dedicated fairies that do the tough work for you.




Maid services or housekeeping is different than other residential cleaning services that you might offer when things go awry and your premise looks a disaster. The best thing about getting maid services in Dubai is that you can pay according to your budget and the time they spend at your premise (doing work, not to mention). Suppose, your house requires 2 hours of work and you hire a maid for this same period. And if the charges per hour are about AED 40/- then you get to pay about AED 80/- to get your house cleaned by a professional maid. And this is not it as you get a full guarantee of best results when you hire maid services in Dubai for the amount you’d spend on them.




maids services


We have devised a specialized system for hiring our maids that allows us a confidence to provide you our maid services in Dubai. All our maids are vetted and are suppose to go through a screening process to ensure that their credentials are accurate and you get to hire only those maids that are trustable and responsible. This layer of verification makes our maid services trusted and reliable whenever and wherever you require this particular service to get some time to do other things.




cleaning services


Getting maid services in Dubai is not any complex procedure as you can hire a maid whenever and wherever you require. Speaking of our booking system, we have kept everything so simple that even the 10 years old can schedule the job using our portal and hire a maid for the required period. You may simply visit the portal, give your directives to be followed, and select the time of job and you’re all done with booking a maid.


Time Saving


Things become easy when professionals handle them and the same goes with professional maid services in Dubai. The maids that you hire (or would hire in future) know their job and how to complete it in quickest time possible without missing a dirty spot. Our maids are trained with an approach to get things done in a swift manner to reduce the job time and allow you to enjoy a hygienic environment for a longer period at your premise.


Health Guaranteed


So what do you use to keep your house neat, clean and hygienic for long? Or maybe you’re running short on the hygienic ideas to maintain an amazing environment of your house. Our maids are instructed to use only industry approved cleaning products to clean the surface and ensure total cleanliness at the premise if you have no suggestions to make when booking maid services in Dubai. We offer maid services in Dubai with a guarantee of keeping your house neater, cleaner, hygienic and healthier with our unconventional maid service structure.


Experienced Services


We understand that when you go for a service, you find experienced people to take care of your queries. So we ensure that you only get to book professional maid services in Dubai when you don’t want to make your hands dirty in doing dishes, scrubbing surfaces or mopping the floors. Our maids are experienced and skilled enough to complete your job with grace and within a timeframe that you’d appreciate their skills, efforts and dedication that they show in their work.

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deep cleaning

Are you a cleaning expert? Let’s put this question in another way, can you identify the real ‘clean’ at your premise? There are two different types of clean when we speak about cleaning in which the first one is ‘ordinary’ or ‘just’ clean and the second one is the perfect, spotless and shiny clean. But how would one decide if a clean is really clean or an ordinary clean? There are two type of cleaning approaches that we use on routine basis – regular cleaning and deep cleaning. We thought to give you some real good reasons to prefer deep cleaning services instead of relying on your regular cleaning approach that usually covers the visible surfaces and recent stain marks. So let’s do some cleaning talk and discuss how the deep cleaning services in Dubai can make your clean really clean.




cleaning services


Suppose, you have had a stain on your sofa, floor or any visible surface that matters to your clean reputation and it is an old one that has stick to the surface. Do you think that regular cleaning approach would be enough to remove this stain that has dried and embraced the surface like an inseparable item? This is where the need of deep cleaning services in Dubai rises to help you eliminate oldest and stubborn stains that won’t go with simple regular cleaning services. The deep cleaning process involves tried and tested methods to remove the stains from a surface without ruining its natural shape. So you can count on the deep cleaning services approach to regain a spotless and attractive surface either if it’s your floor, shelf or any other hard surface.




dubai cleaning services


Your regular cleaning approach isn’t all wrong but lacks at some points where you want everything to be perfect, spotless and stain free. In general cleaning, you miss to remove small elements of dust that become stronger by the time and develop cleaning problems for the surface. This ultimately impacts on your clean image when the corners lose their charm and a clean look. When you hire deep cleaning services in Dubai, you get a guarantee to eliminate the dust, dirt, grime and stains gracefully from the surface as they never existed.




economic price


The deep cleaning services work like a magic on stubborn stains and bring back the shiny and clean look of your surface and the best part is that they don’t cost you a fortune. You may get the deep cleaning services in Dubai on hourly basis and pay as you utilize their expertise. This way you can have access to the ultimate solution to remove impossible cleaning effective in shape of deep cleaning services in Dubai and enjoy a spotless and shiny surface.




When it comes to deep cleaning services, you get to have a chance to either go full or select certain areas of your premise that really need a good cleaning session. The providers of deep cleaning services in Dubai have already formatted different scenarios to provide you the best deep cleaning experience according to your core needs. Simply let the providers know if you want them to clean a certain area cleaned or require service to clean your whole premise. Once you give out the instructions, let the rest on professional’s shoulders as they go about dealing with different kind of cleaning conditions at your premise.

Simply dial 0800 25326464 and book a deep cleaning service with one of our key account managers and eliminate the stains from your premise (and life too).

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