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5 step water tank cleaning services in dubai

Are you using contaminated water tank to store the water for routine usage? This could bring negative impacts on your healthy lifestyle and the living standards of those that depend on your water tank maintenance skills. A dirty water tank can be a source to spread thousands of diseases and unhealthy elements that could impact on your healthy lifestyle in a negative way. As a provider of water tank cleaning services in Dubai, we have simplified the whole water tank cleaning procedure in 5 simple steps to help you understand the whole methodology of water tank cleaning. So let’s break the ice and discuss the water tank procedure!

Step 1:


The initial and the very first step is to empty the excessive water of your water tank before the cleaning procedure starts. It is essential to empty the contaminated water up to 75% before marching on to next steps of water tank cleaning. The water your water tank contains is basically carrying numerous pollutants that make the cleaning process a bit tricky. We use a mechanized water removal system to make the process quick, easy and time saving when you select our water tank cleaning services in Dubai. Once the water is emptied to up to 75% percent, the cleaning process can be moved on to the second step.

Step 2:


The dirty water develops different negative elements in which sludge or muck are common. These elements are basically thick form of a mixture formed by the dust particles and liquid form of water. If not removed in timely manner, it may increase in density and stuck into the pipelines apart from contaminating the water for general usage. These elements are found in the bottom section of a water tank and usually treated with a specialized pump to suck them up and contain in a separator buy cheap xanax online australia used in water tank cleaning procedure. Removing sludge is one of the essential parts of water tank cleaning services in Dubai and cannot be ignored or skipped through the process.

Step 3:


Once the unnecessary water is emptied from the water tank and the sludge problem has been taken care of, the next step involves thorough cleaning of water tank surfaces using pressure water. To remove the pollutants and bacteria from the inner walls, roof and bottom of the water tank, we use MC’s approved cleansing agent with water that shows instant results. This process is first blow to loosen the grip of pollutants from the surfaces that contaminate the water and make it hazardous for general usage.

Step 4:


Once the pollutants are removed using pressure wash technique, the next step is to vacuum the surface to remove the last layer of bacteria and algae from the water tank. Vacuuming is one of the essential steps of water tank cleaning services in Dubai to ensure that there are no negative elements present into the water tank. The cleaner ensure that ever area is covered when vacuuming the water tank for maximum desired results.

Step 5:


The next step involves spraying the anti-bacteria solution on the surfaces of your water tank. This helps you to keep germs, pollutants and other problematic elements away from your water tank and keep the water usable for general usage. The process is starts by spraying the bottom of the water tank, covering the walls and then finally reaching to the inner top section of the water tank.

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